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" I admit it: I was clueless about the sky. Then my son signed me up for Spaceweather PHONE as a Mother's Day gift."

"Since then I've seen a lunar eclipse, Earthshine, and the space station--twice! It really works. "

--Dorothy Sword of Niceville, FL

Spaceweather PHONE makes a nice gift. Using the forms below, you can sign up friends or family. Here's an overview of the process:

  1. Choose a gift package: Aurora Special, Backyard Special, or the Premium Gift Set.
  2. Pay for your gift. VISA and Mastercard accepted.
  3. Send an e-card to the gift recipient. You must do this, because the e-card tells the recipient how to activate their account.
Choose which gift package you would like to give.

Aurora Special
6 months of space weather alerts.

This is for aurora-lovers. We'll call when things are exploding on the sun and when auroras are about to appear over your home town.
US$30 in the USA, Canada & Mexico

Backyard Special
6 months of backyard astronomy alerts

This is for the stargazer in your life. We'll call with alerts about, e.g., space station flybys, meteor showers, planetary alignments, eclipses--everything except auroras, which are included in our "Premium" and "Aurora Special" gift sets.

$42 in the USA, Canada & Mexico
Premium Gift Set
1 year of everything:
solar flares, auroras, space station flybys, meteors showers, eclipses--the works!
$143 in the USA, Canada & Mexico

* International Note: We must add a US$2.00 per month surcharge to the bills of subscribers who live outside the United States, Canada and Mexico. If the person you are giving this gift to lives outside of these countries you need to check the box below

This is a gift for an international user

We accept VISA and Mastercard.

Please note the charge will show up as "Space Weather LLC." on your statement.

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